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On second thought, let's not go to Camelot.

It's a rather silly place.

Is this a Japanese shoe ad?

Nice animation, looks professional. The whole thing is really predictable, so it didn't really capture me, but the quality of the art and animation is fantastic.


Did you use male sprites from every Super Nintendo RPG ever made? I'm going to watch again, I'm pretty sure most of them are in there. As for the music video, the song was okay, the animation was not that good.. I agree with what the last guy said.

Motherless Fetus Productions? That's offcolor... :-|

Rabbitking responds:

nowhere near all of them. just some of the best ones. Im going to add more when i redo this.

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Unoriginal and has bad user interface design

This is not a terribly original implementation of the "self multiple" concept pioneered by games like Chronotron, Cursor*, etc. It has better graphics and nice sound but doesn't add anything else (except maybe a plot)

I did not finish playing because the user interface has a fatal flaw that shatters my flow. Way too close to the portal you have to click to create a new instance, you have a clickable link that hijacks the user to maxgames.com. I accidentally clicked the link and not the portal and was furious. You tricked me into going to your sponsor's website. The fact this wasn't noticed by you or any of your playtesters either indicates laziness or you care more about hits/ads than having a smooth user experience.

I actually went back and discovered you don't have to click on that portal... but it is not excusable to have a clickable link anywhere on the playing field in a game that involves clicking.

There is probably some incredible innovation later on that you deserve a 10 & 5 for, but you failed to keep me playing that long.

Too bare-bones

I understood the concept of the puzzle, but this flash just isn't polished enough. The lack of polish combined with the difficulty of the game made me put it down.

- even the "easiest" level is very hard.
- why is there no navigation to get back to the menu once you've started the puzzle? No way to reread the instructions? Was this playtested by anyone before submitting?
- there's no way a game this size should take this long to preload. Are you trying to run an ad? There's no way to justify putting an ad in a flash like this.
- no music or graphics, nothing else to create an atmosphere or hold our interest
- there are text fields inside your buttons which turn the cursor to a I-beam which means your buttons aren't symbols like they should be... it doesn't affect gameplay but it just shows laziness and should be avoided

This shows a nice concept for a game - should be way more polished and start out easier if you want to make it addictive.

nem02 responds:

Hi GreenCastle, thanks for your review. This is my first flash game I have ever made. I made it mainly to test stuff.
1. difficulty - wow, and I thought that it was extremely easy and wanted to create 7x7 square. I will work on difficulty.
2.a back to menu button - you are right.
2.b it was tested by a few of my friends, non of them had been as helpful as you
3. I put the ad there just to test it
4. I am not musician, nor graphics designer and it is very confusing whether I can use free stuff
5. text fields - right again, I didn't know about that

Thanks again

Good designers eliminate breaks in user flow.

(Lol, upped it to 1 ad every 20 deaths to quiet the bitching. Seriously, what the hell guys.)"

Wow. That is really arrogant. I don't see how you can show this little respect for your players and complain on the front page how your game only has a 2.0-something score.

Your game puts the user in a nice little flow (try, fail, hit space, try again) and then breaks it by introducing ads. We didn't ask for ads, don't need them and don't want them. Why give the player an excuse to quit? Your game is not fun enough to afford that. Just drop the in-game ads altogether.

I already wrote quite a detailed review of this game on your news post which I will not copy and paste for I suspect you won't read it.

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This is extremely badass. I gave it my 5 at about 0:23 because I could tell it was going to be that awesome. Perfect RPG battle song.

NemesisTheory responds:

that fast? that's cool lol! :D

I'm glad you liked it :)


You do really, really brilliant FF remixes. Please put some more of your work on here! ~gc

bitium-ribbon responds:

Thanks a lot! I'll see what I can do, but I don't have the program at the moment. Danged reformatting >_<

Very nice.

So, what have you been up to for the past 6 months?

tedJohnston responds:

They finally let me out of prison. ; ) In all seriousness, that was a joke ... some people might take that the wrong way, haha.

But this may be a better summary of what I've been up to in the last six months: http://myspace.com/tedjohnston/

It's my MySpace Music page, and contains info on all my non-NG musical pursuits.

But yeah, I'm back on the AP. Check out the "Upcoming Songs" thread in the AF for info on my most immediate projects. Cheers.


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